Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a girl who wears shirts

 I love wearing shirts, a staple collection in my wardrobe. I am constantly on the look for new fabrics, prints and styles. The way a shirt fits is important to me, it can't be too big or too tight, the arms must be the perfect length (although I am accustom to cuffing sleeves to personalize the fit) ,the colours and prints must stand out and most importantly the collar and top buttons must be positioned to sit neatly on my collarbone. Just a couple of standards I have that I thought I would share with those who were not aware of the rules of shirts! So here is a sample of my current favorite pieces! enjoy.

From top down..
 Hang Ten Hawaii print, Vintage cabbage print, Morrison stark white (the stiff white shirt), Vintage checkered, Vintage sky blue,  Dion Lee for Cue white, Dion Lee for Cue leather, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent burnt orange.


  1. Great post! I love a good vintage tee

    Check out my fashion blog...

    Taylor x

  2. Love these shirts! The first one is really cool! <3<3